LONG AGO LOSS: The Lingering Effects

Free Live Event with Hope Edelman

Sunday, Oct. 18th, 4 pm PDT / 7 pm EDT

Maybe it’s been 15 years since illness took your mother…

Or 20 years since your brother died…

Or 50 years since you lost your best friend.

Why are you still able to smell her perfume in the car?

And why can’t you listen to his favorite song without tearing up?

How many years will it take until you stop buying their favorite ice cream, just to remember what it was like to share a bowl of it together?

My answer? It’ll take as long as you need. Perhaps the rest of your life.

And I want to say this over and over — if you still miss your loved one, you didn’t get grieving wrong. And there are ways to carry that person with you as you move forward.

Join Hope on Oct. 18th @ 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET









Attendees will have a chance to be one of THREE winners for a free, signed copy of the book. Winners will be randomly selected during the event, announced by first name and last initial, and then contacted by email.
I’m Hope Edelman, author of the new book The AfterGrief: Finding Your Way Along the Long Arc of Loss.

I was 17 when my mother died, and I know how a major loss at a young age can continue to show up 5, 10, and even 30 years later.

From my years of research, I’ve learned that such flare-ups are normal. They’re part of our long-term adjustment to loss. But they’re painful. And often hard to predict or avoid.

It helps to have a community, along with a toolbox of new methods for coping and  honoring your loved ones.

That’s why I’m offering a series of online events about the aftergrief — starting with a FREE live event October 18th.

In this 90-minute live event (30 minutes of presentation, 30 minutes of Q&A, PLUS a final half hour for community members to speak freely to each other with a trained community moderator), I’ll describe some of the most common lingering effects of a long-ago loss. We’ll have a real-time discussion where we can hear others’ stories. I’ll also offer tips for managing flare-ups when they occur.

During the Q&A, we’ll talk about why there is no “getting over” it. That’s the old way of thinking. And it’s why the introduction to my new book is called “Getting Over Getting Over It.”

I’ll share honest and specific tips on carrying your loved ones forward, in both public and private ways, so you can choose whatever feels best for you right now.

See you on October 18th! 

(And even sooner, join us online at The Aftergrief Community Group on Facebook, a place where you can share your story and find others who understand.)


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